About Our Founder

Lyn-009The Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation was founded by Lyn Hogrefe in 2014.  Lyn is on a mission to educate women. Her personal journey to find balance was met with many challenges – she knew those experiences could help other women on their journey to wellness. In 2009 she opened the Happy Hormone Cottage, an education and resource center, and now a medical facility with its own medical director and nurse practitioner(s), which teaches women how to achieve optimal hormone balance through natural hormone therapy.

She is a warrior for women’s wellness that is fearless when it comes to telling the truth. Lyn says of her foundation, “I want The Lyn Hogrefe Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation to be my legacy of women helping women. I have access to cutting edge information that is valuable and useful in helping to prevent disease in women. One of my biggest interests is the work of Dr. Mark Rosenberg who is providing “new hope” for cancer patients who’ve been told there is nothing more Standard of Care can do for them.  His integrative treatment is saving lives.  He has developed a therapy which causes cancer cells to kill themselves which is currently in animal trial.  I am committed to supporting his patient treatments (which are often not covered by insurance) and his ongoing research”.

Lyn is an award-winning educator, 2015 Women of Excellence Award Winner, Top 25 Women to Watch, Athena Award Finalist, Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author.  Her first book, “Own Your Journey…to Optimal Hormone Balance” was released in May of 2014 – it quickly sold out so Lyn released an updated version of her book in the fall of 2015. She is also a contributor of the newly released book by Jeanne Porter, Success Powered by Relationships in which she authored a chapter titled, “Authentic Relationships”.  Most recently, in 2017, Lyn was selected as one of the Lean In 100 women trailblazers in Ohio and is featured in the book “Lean In Ohio 100 Women Archives: A Keepsake of Interviews with Women Trailblazers” by Julene Allen.