Lyn Hogrefe, M.S. Ed.


Lyn Hogrefe, Executive Director of the Happy Hormone Cottage in Centerville, Ohio, is a 30 year veteran teacher. Her passion for teaching middle-schoolers became apparent as she worked to develop relationships in her self-contained 6th grade classroom. Since she taught in poverty, her biggest challenge came in getting her students engaged in their own learning and in getting them to believe in themselves. She wrote and received several grants for her T.E.A.M. work concept (Together Everyone Achieves More) and was asked to present her ideas at an Excellence in Education forum at the state capitol in Columbus, Ohio. Lyn is included in two recent editions of Who's Who Among America's Teachers and received the coveted "Teacher of the Year" award from her district in 2004-05.

Lyn has transferred this passion from middle-schoolers to middle-aged women. Through her own personal struggles with balancing her hormones, she became involved with BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). Her education of and interest in natural compounded hormones has compelled her to develop her vision to educate and help women navigate through their own journey. In talking with women, she realized that women want and need not only education on healthy options for dealing with hormone imbalance and aging, but they also need their voices to be heard. To meet this need, Lyn began her Happy Hormone Cottage endeavor in August 2009 as a safe place for women to come to be educated and empowered to own their journey to natural hormone balance. Her mission is spreading the word to women everywhere that as our hormone tanks begin to deplete at around age 35, we must refill them for a high quality of life free from disease. When asked why she took this role as a women's health advocate, she asks, "Why not me?" She is most excited to partner with and support New Hope for Cancer with Dr Mark Rosenberg, who is involved in the integrative and holistic treatment of cancer, which is saving lives. Lyn and her team are committed to supporting his patient treatments and his ongoing research.

    Kelly Brown

    Executive Director

    Kelly is a native of Dayton where she attended Patterson Co-Op High School and earned a B.A. in Communication from Wright State University. She has held several positions in the field of strategic communication for over 20 years. She left corporate America over a decade ago to focus her career on mission driven organizations. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation.
    She resides in West Carrollton with her husband Larry and their two Golden Retrievers, Goldie and Daisy.
    Kelly is passionate about putting her time and talent into projects and causes that are greater than her. She says, “life is short so my objective is to focus my energy and experience on my family, my faith and my community. I love to work with organizations that share my goals.”
    She chooses to serve on the WHIF Advisory Board because, “I have had my own life changing experience through hormone therapy. I know how greatly it can improve a woman’s life. I know how passionate Lyn is about educating women so I am compelled to be a part of this movement to save lives through disease prediction and prevention.”
    Outside of her work with the foundation, Kelly also assists Lyn Hogrefe with marketing and client services consulting at the Happy Hormone Cottage. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and travelling. She serves the community through the Kiwanis Club of Dayton and Southbrook Church.

      Robin Moon

      Robin is a Marketing and Advertising professional who hails from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She attended Indiana University and started her career by working in radio in Louisville. After several transfers, Robin landed in Dayton where she has made her home for over 30 years. She has an extensive background in Broadcast Advertising Sales and has spent 10+ years as Marketing Director and VP of Marketing for several companies as well as owning her own Marketing/Media Consulting Company.
      Robin lives in Waynesville where she has one son and an extended family of rescues, including two dogs and several cats.
      Robin is passionate about making a difference. She says, “It can happen with one small gesture or one big contribution. It all counts and everyone can make a difference in some way.”
      When asked why she chose to serve on the Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation Board, Robin said, “my deep and lasting friendship with Lyn Hogrefe was my inspiration and motivation to accept her invitation to serve on the advisory board for her foundation. I am so pleased to be able to contribute my professional expertise to such a worthy cause. It is people like Lyn who inspire others to come together for a cause, and it’s so exciting to know that I can be a small part of a movement that may prevent breast cancer and change the future for many women”.

        Eric Blosser

        Eric is the youngest of three boys and was raised in Northern Indiana in the town of Goshen where he attended Goshen High School.  He and his brothers all pursued the great sport of wrestling, in which Eric begin his career in 4th grade and wrestled competitively for 9 years.  He grew up somewhat “old school” in that he has had a job since age 13 when he took over his older brother’s paper route.
        After finishing high school, Eric attended a semester of college but was uninterested in pursuing a degree at that point in time. He left college and worked construction and auto mechanics and married his high school sweetheart.  He moved to Dayton for a position with a non-profit organization and worked for 3 ½ years with college students in character and leadership development and also coached wrestling at the University of Dayton.  After that, he decided to go back to college to pursue a degree at Wright State University while he stayed involved at UD as the head coach of their wrestling team for a total of 5 years.  Whilst pursing a BS in Sports Science at WSU, he worked at Starbucks as a Coffee Master.  After finishing up his degree, he worked for 2 ½ years as a medical implant sales rep where he crossed paths with local pharmacy owner Jeff Hogrefe, who recruited me to come work for him.  He transitioned out of medical implants and into compounding pharmacy sales. He currently works as the Sales Manager for the Piqua Compounding Pharmacy.
        Eric has been married his best friend Leah since December of 2003. “She is a wonderful woman and the mother of my two beautiful children, Noelle (age 6) and Tyson (age 3)” says Eric. “We have a Rottweiler named Macy that is 9 years old”. Eric and his family currently reside in Washington Township.
        Eric is passionate about his faith/spirituality, my family, and about helping people in life. He says, “It is important to me to be part of the proverbial cure, not part of the disease”.
        Eric chooses to serve on the Advisory Board because “Lyn Hogrefe asked me to be a part of this organization.  After getting to know her and hearing her heart and passion for helping people, specifically women, I saw it lining up with my values on multiple levels and was honored to be asked to be a part of it”.
        When Eric is not serving others, he is hiking, camping, backpacking, and taking kayaking/rafting trips.  He recently started dabbling in woodworking and truly enjoys that as well.

          Melinda Zemper

          Melinda grew up the middle child in a family of six in Toledo where she graduated from Robert S. Rogers High School. She went on to Miami University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a journalism emphasis and a minor in German.

          She started working as a daily newspaper reporter in Escanaba, Michigan and San Diego, California for four years then moved on to public relations in her mid-20s. She taught English at Miami University’s Hamilton and VOA campuses for 22 years before leaving to work full time on Oak Tree Communications, the media relations company she founded and owns.

          Melinda has resided in West Chester, Ohio for 27 years with husband, Keith Gehring; they have two adult children, Greta and Aaron.

          She is passionate about health, the environment and education. “It’s important to ask questions and discover the truth in situations. I try always to communicate to others personally and through the media in a way that is fair, respectful, accurate and ethical” says Melinda.

          When asked why she chose to serve on the Advisory Board, Melinda responded, “WHIF provides an opportunity to empower people to seek out diet, lifestyle and medical solutions that will help them improve their health and quality of life for themselves and their loved ones”.

          When she’s not working at Oak Tree, Melinda serves as a board member at the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting; she is a member of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance and member of a local fiction writers group.

          In her spare time, she loves to read, walk, run, travel and talk to people. She also enjoys doing research and learning about other cultures and languages.

            Eric Dorney

            I was born in Dayton and spent most of my life in or around the area. I have a diverse background of education including degrees in philosophy, psychology (WSU), professional music (Berklee College of Music), and of course Fitness and Nutritional certifications through ISSA (International Science of Sports Association).

            I currently own a personal training studio named Motivated Motions. I've been doing fitness/personal training for almost 6 years; I decided a few years ago to branch away from gyms and open my own place. I wanted to do this was because I was tired of the bureaucracy that came with personal training clients/contracts and how big corporation gyms seem to see people more as profits coming in on the conveyor belt than actually giving them a one-on-one experience with the proper attention they need... or as I like to say, “I’m putting the ‘personal’ back in personal training”.

            Motivated Motions has been up and running since April 2012 and I still love every minute of it. Seeing people take better care of themselves, having more respect for themselves and having a good time while doing it is definitely one of life's big pleasures for me. Being able to connect with people on a real level is a wonderful opportunity that my career has given me. It is an honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Women's Health Initiatives Foundation and more importantly serve the women they help.

              Dr. David Ellison

              Dr. David M. Ellison is a highly skilled physician, is board certified in internal medicine, and has extensive experience and training in anti-aging, functional, cosmetic, nutritional and preventive medicine. He uniquely combines the best of traditional, holistic, and cosmetic medicine to give his patients the most well-rounded approach to achieving optimal health, wellness, and vitality that can be found in the area.

              He founded Cincinnati Wellness Center (formerly Embody) in 2009 to offer patients a new kind of experience for their health, wellness, and anti-aging. He opened the doors to provide people with the latest proven medical technologies which preserve and restore youthfulness and vitality. What do you call the discipline of medicine that combines holistic, traditional, functional, anti-aging, natural, cosmetic and wellness approaches to a person’s healthcare with the goal of preserving or restoring vitality and a person’s full potential to live and feel the best way possible? Dr. Ellison has coined the term “Foundational Medicine” to refer to his unique approach.
              Dr. Ellison strives to always operate in the best interest of the patient, and he has built a strong reputation on this quality. This means not only providing objective recommendations, but also making sure that he and his staff have the latest training and conduct extensive research before adding new technologies.
              “Cincinnati Wellness is persistently on the leading edge of medicine,” says Dr. Ellison. “We were the first in the region to offer many of the technologies now commonly available. But, we aren’t given to trends or fads. We do our due diligence to test and research new technologies thoroughly before adding them to our practice to make sure they’ll meet the needs of our patients and deliver results safely and effectively.”

              Dr. Ellison’s interest in this type of Medicine began long before he opened the doors of his practice. He graduated from medical school and completed his residency in Internal Medicine. His early career was mostly devoted towards academia as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, OH. Dr. Ellison’s dual training gives him a unique perspective on the benefits that a multidisciplinary approach can have, not just on the outward appearance of an individual but on their overall well-being.

                April Kinnett

                I have been a resident of Centerville Ohio for twenty seven years. My background lies in the Building industry, Business Ownership, and current Entrepreneur. I have enjoyed serving my Community in various capacities such as Rebuilding Dayton and Christmas in April.

                I served on the board of The Heart of Centerville, helping to take the membership from 28 to over 100 members. I established the Community Affair in the Heart of Centerville to introduce our community to their local small business.

                Everyone has a purpose in life; my purpose is to help and support women through the many walks and challenges of life. I feel my energy, ideas and heart will genuinely assist in contributing to the Women's Health Initiative.