Second Annual Health and Wellness Symposium


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To promote and support integrative health initiatives which prevent, treat, and defeat cancers that affect women.

  • We raise money for the New Hope for Cancer integrative cancer treatment research which is currently in clinical trials but not funded by the $150 Billion Cancer Industry
  • We provide financial support to the New Hope for Cancer program where late-stage cancer patients receive life-saving treatment which is not covered by insurance
  • We grow awareness of cancer prevention methods and treatment options beyond standard of care




We imagine a world where women understand why they get cancer, so they can prevent it. We see the number of new women’s cancer cases decreasing. We see those who could not prevent their cancer receiving treatment that incorporates all possibilities. We visualize late stage cancer patients finding hope where they thought none was left. We envision lives being saved.


We believe women’s cancers can be prevented, treated, or cured by looking at the body as a whole. We believe chemical therapy and radiation are not the only weapons to fight this disease. We know there are pioneering scientists, physicians, researchers, and others who are successfully predicting, preventing, treating, and curing cancer through nutrition, supplementation, and other integrative means… we will support their endeavors by raising money and growing awareness of their initiatives. We are daring greatly to put prevention ahead of detection and looking beyond the status quo as the only avenue for the treatment of cancer.


Learn how the pharmaceutical industry puts profits before patients in this eye opening article. Yet another reason to do your homework and learn your options before turning over your power to prescription drugs and those who prescribe them…

8 Medical Lies and Why I Abandoned Medicine

Chris Wark – Chemotherapy Causes More Cancer




Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer…Learn about a better screening method in this video



WHIF’s current initiative is to support New Hope for Cancer at the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer and Treatment Institute where cancer patients are being saved every day. 100% of any donation and 100% of all event proceeds go to this endeavor. We do not take any money for administrative costs as all of our overhead expenses are generously donated.

If you shop with Amazon, you can donate to our foundation at no additional cost. 

All you have to do is visit and search for Lyn Hogrefe Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation.  Once you select our foundation, everytime you purchase using the address, Amazon donates .05% of your purchase price to us!  Remember, you have to use the address each time you purchase, or we don’t get the donation.

Click here to learn more about the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer and Research Institute





What Makes Our Foundation Different

At Women’s Health Initiatives Foundation, we focus on initiatives that prevent, treat and defeat cancers that affect women.
We are asking the hard questions…

  • Why does cancer still exist despite the billions of dollars raised by numerous charities to defeat it?
  • Why is it that we dedicate the entire month of October to Breast Cancer yet the number of new breast cancer cases has remained steady for over 40 years?
  • We wonder how the money raised by millions of Americans who are passionate about defeating cancer is spent.  How much of it is actually going toward this mission?
  • We want to understand why Chemotherapy has only extended survival in some cancers by 2.1%
  • We question why survivorship of late stage lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer has only been extended by two months through standard of care chemotherapy over the past 20 years.

In our search for answers, we have found pioneering scientists, researchers and physicians who are not just thinking outside the box, they’ve thrown away the box.  We are committed to their research and treatments.

  • Our current initiative supports the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute where Dr. Mark Rosenberg and his team are treating and defeating cancer.  Dr. Rosenberg looks at each cancer case individually and creates a protocol which may incorporate chemotherapy, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and off-label pharmaceuticals.  As he puts it, “I’ll even throw in the kitchen sink if I need to”.
  • Dr. Rosenberg has concentrated his efforts on altering the cancer environment, while blocking as many pathways of cancer growth as possible. His goal: to convert an acutely progressive terminal disease into a chronic disease that can be managed indefinitely.
  • His research is showing great promise in clinical trials but funding is critical to keep these trials on track.  Therefore, WHIF is committed to raising money on behalf of his organization.

WHIF donors can also be assured that 100% of its donations and proceeds go to its mission and initiatives.  All of our overhead expenses, including salaries, are generously sponsored by JAH Pharmacies, WHIF founder Lyn Hogrefe, and her Happy Hormone Cottages.

Lyn Hogrefe also donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her book, Own Your Journey, to the WHIF mission.